Cream Stone Franchisee - FAQs

Do we get Cream Stone Franchisees in Hyderabad?

We don't give franchisee in Hyderabad all outlets in Hyderabad are directly owned and run by the company.

What qualifications does Cream Stone seek in its prospective Franchisee?

Cream Stone teams first priority will be on selecting a Franchisee Operator who is looking at a business opportunity and who is willing to involve himself and drive the operations on day to day basis. We don't appreciate partnerships in business; first priority will be given to individuals who are seeking to run the business.

A person must be from the same city for seeking a Franchisee; we don't give franchisee to the non locals of that particular city.

Do I need to actually be present in the store?

This is not an absentee business. While we are not looking for you to just buy a job, we also don't want you to expect the business to run itself. We want you to be involved in the business, community and success of the franchise. Will depend on his own involvement in his business only.

Do I need previous restaurant or franchising experience to become a Cream stone Franchisee?

Yes and No. It is not compulsory to have a Food and beverage experience for running a Franchisee Business but if you have a food and beverage experience then it will add additional value.

Is Cream Stone offering single and multiple unit franchisee for cities?

We offer only unit Franchisee to our Franchisees, we don't give Master Franchisees for any particular city, we have several Franchisees that owned multiple units in their city but it purely depends on the Franchisees performance, there capability and aggressiveness for granting multiple units.

Are there any other websites on internet where I can submit my Franchisee Forms? Are there any Franchisee agents in the market who helps in procuring Cream Stone franchisee in return of Fees or any commission?

No. We have never authorized any franchise agents to act on behalf of the company to solicit or offer to buy our franchise. The company bears no liability to any such person who has paid fees/commission to any person claiming to be our agent.

How can I get in touch directly with the person handling Franchisee for fixing a personal appointment with them?

We appreciate your keen interest in being our franchisee, but however all initial contacts will be online only, no Telephone queries or request for an appointment will be entertained. After the franchise form is submitted online and you appear to qualify based we will then be in touch to request additional information or fix an appointment with you. But if you are in travelling to Hyderabad then you can meet us.

Where and when can I get information on profit Margin, ROI and other financial data?

We only share the details after we have shortlisted you based on basic criteria as our prospective franchisee.

I have submitted Franchisee forms multiple times but I have not received any reply or feedback?

Dear Applicants, we apologize if you haven't heard from us but however please make a note that since we do not solicit to buy or offer to sell our franchise, we are not obliged to reply but we welcome all the queries and we try to reply as much as we can. As we receive huge amount of queries everyday, we try our best to keep in touch and give our feedback.

List of cities we are currently considering for Franchisee?

Till December 2016 Franchisee cities already opened.
Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, Warangal, Nasik, Raipur, Ahmed Nagar, Pune, Chandrapur, Manipal, Mysore, Goa, Kolapur, Indore, Pondichery, Mumbai, Thane, Sangli, Belgaon, Aurangabad, Surat, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Kochi, Tirupathi, Bhuvaneshwar, Ooty, Hubli, Mahabaleshwar, Erode, Madhurai, Vellore, Selam.

After December 2016 we will look for different cities
Kakinada, Bhopal, Nagpur, etc..

Are cream stone ice cream pure vegetarian?

Yes! Our ice creams are 100% Pure Vegetarian Ice creams, even whatever ingredients we use like cakes, chocolates and Pastries are also 100% pure vegetarian.

What are the following things I should find out before approaching for Franchisees?

If you want to get Cream Stone in your city your pre requisite before approaching for a Franchisee we would appreciate if you could do the basic home work from your side

  • Availability of Cold storage for storing Ice cream
  • Distance between Hyderabad to your City
  • No.of direct trains available from Hyderabad to your city
  • Is there any direct bus facility form Hyderabad to your propose city
  • No.of ice cream Parlours in your city along with there sales data if possible
  • Population of propose city
  • No.of Food Brands available in your city like subway, dominos etc.
  • Spending habit and culture of people.

I would like to invest in Cream Stone purely with the idea of getting good ROI along with few Partners?

Generally we don't appreciate business to be in Partnership with Friends and Relatives, always preference will be given to the people who are looking to run business as full time business and drive the business, we don' t entertain multiple partners and only investors prospective Franchisees.

What is the cost of the Cream Stone Franchisee?

We only share the details after we have shortlisted you based on basic criteria as our prospective franchisee.

How much royalty should be paid to the Company?

We only share the details after we have shortlisted you based on basic criteria as our prospective franchisee.

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