Professional Support

Let's join hands for a success journey From the moment you join hands with us, it becomes a mutual journey wherein right from training, to knowledge sharing to helping building your franchise we are always there in your support. Our business funda is "Mutual Growth."

Market Study

Cream Stone management personally conducts detailed surveys designed to assess the potential for store in each specific market. We closely study the consumer demand and intensity of competition before you move in, so as to ensure the best chances of success.

Site Evaluation

Cream Stone has developed its own specialized proprietary systems to assess the potential for each specific site. Our management will provide the survey results prior to approving any location. This survey analyses on where the site should be, what are the mandates for the site etc. Some of the points are:

  • The site should be centre of location i.e. nearby hotels, restaurants, where people come for dine and come out for having Ice cream after their dinner.
  • Parking space is a must.
  • The cream stone management team is the one to take a call on the place.

Store Development

Once the store location is finalised by the management then the company will suggest the franchisee to hire a company approved architect and branding consultant for designing the store as per the company standards. The company will not allow any outsider architect and branding consultant for designing the layout.

Our in-house real estate and design team provides professional assistance on location selection. This is followed up with complete design and layout, to ensure your store exemplifies the image of the brand at its best. With our standardized store designs, building your store is quick and easy.

Human Resources

  • As soon as the franchisee is finalised, it is mandatory to hire team members and a store manager.
  • References are given preference.

After the recruitment is done, the team is to undergo a month's training to the company on the franchise's cost.

Technical support

Cream stone will suggest you to Hire the right company approved vendor for setting up of point of sales system that would maintain and track the sales performance. These help in understanding the strength and weakness of the franchise.

Onsite Training and Opening assistance

Service industry is all about experience. Therefore, cream stone conducts onsite training for franchisee team members for effective performance.

Operating Standards

Procedures are must for any company's operations. Therefore, we follow a strict standard operating manual. Each manual is practical and designed to simplify the delivery of an outstanding customer experience. Regular audits and reviews are conducted to analyse the functioning of the franchise to identify the loop holes and rectify them.

Vendor Development

Cream Stone provides you with the skills you need to source products locally in your market. We also provide full support to assist in ordering key equipment and supplies that need to be source from the approved vendors only.

Research & Development

Cream Stone has a team of professionals that are constantly innovating to introduce new products into our menus and continuously figuring how to improve the quality of our food and beverage offerings.

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