Cream Stone Franchisee Fees

Cream Stone Fees and Investment Requirements

Cream Stone uses a standard franchise fee structure by charging an upfront franchise fee apart from the monthly royalty and marketing fees. A monthly royalty payments equal to a percentage of net sales, and marketing fees as a percentage of sales has to be paid to the company.

Franchise fees

The franchise fee is a onetime payment made by the franchisee when the franchise is granted for 5 years. The initial franchise fee covers the cost of approving a location, supply chain management support and training the management of the franchisee

A renewal fee shall be applicable after which will be based on the previous audit report.

Royalty fees

Royalty fees, a percentage of net monthly sales, is to be paid monthly by the Franchisee on retail store and outdoor catering sides.

Marketing fees

Marketing is a must for any business to grow and expand. Marketing fees is used for the branding and advertising the franchise system. An advertising fee is charged on a percentage of net sales. Under a Franchise agreement the Franchisee is responsible for the store marketing locally.

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